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You visit your physician when you notice something about your health has changed. A checkup offers you a chance to discuss things with your doctor, ask questions, and get professional input on your overall health.


You need a regular check up, too. Like your annual checkup with your doctor, a regular review of your estate plan will help you minimize the risk of future unexpected hardships that might arise from incomplete or outdated documents as well as the expense required to address issues in the course of a dispute. Some situations especially call for a visit to a legal professional.


Here are some signals that you may need a legal check up:


Have any of the persons named in your estate plan died? Has your relationship changed with anyone named in your legal documents?


Is there any person or organization you would like to remember in your estate plan who is not already named, such as additional children or grandchildren, friends, or a charitable organization, church or college?


Have the persons you named as personal representative, trustee, guardian or agent moved away from the area so that it would no longer be convenient for them to serve?


Were your legal documents prepared by an attorney in another state?


If your children are now all adults, do you still need trust and guardianship provisions in your estate plan?


If any of your children are handicapped, do the trust provisions of your Will provide that the distributions from your trust are to supplement, but not replace or reduce all other financial and service benefits for which your handicapped children might be eligible as a result of their disabilities from governmental agencies?


Have you or anyone mentioned in your will and other legal documents been married, divorced or remarried since you signed your documents?


Are there any additional gifts or items of personal property such as jewelry, paintings, or heirlooms that you would like to specifically give in your estate plan?


Does your estate plan authorize your personal representative to act without bond?


Is your estate plan typed, notarized and witnessed?


Is your estate now valued in excess of $1,000,000 so that additional estate planning is needed to keep estate taxes as low as possible?



No matter what's changed in your life, you can depend on the personalized and informed legal advice our firm provides.


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